It has been brought to our attention that a right-wing group on Facebook is using our now famous (and completely made-up) Southend Beach Bikini Ban story to try and encourage their followers to take part in a march against ‘The Muslim Invasion’ in London on September 23rd 2017.

On the Patriots UK United Facebook page, they have shared a version of our original story (this one), and underneath it they have posted a comment that encourages people to take part in an event that they describe as ‘anti shariah, anti islamisation and anti extremism.’

Interpret that definition however you like.

It goes without saying that Southend News Network wishes to completely distance itself from this event.

Southend News Network exists for many reasons, but none of them involve any sort of inciting of hatred – racial or otherwise.

We accept that many of our stories are intended to highlight various forms of bigotry and the fact that too many Internet users are prepared to overlook the fact that material is blatantly made-up in an attempt to promote their own hateful views.

Therefore, it hasn’t come as a surprise to see an online group try and encourage people to attend an event such as this on the back of an SNN story.

We admit that it’s worrying to see just how far people will take an obvious piece of satire, but at the same time we have to wonder if they are fully aware that it is bollocks.

After all, even if a few people tell them that it is fake, the general uproar on their page and increased engagement serves a purpose.

Britain First, the English Defence League and Tommy Robinson have all shared our content in the past – take a look at the ‘roll of honour’ here.