Take a look at the Southend News Network Brexit Underground Map – the only guide you need to take you all the way to March 2019!

It’s a bit of a beast, so we suggest that you click on the preview image below to view a full-screen mega version to take it all in and zoom around our nation’s capital reimagined.

Explore the Misspelled Sovereignty Line, ride along the Daily Mail Reasons Line, or plan a trip on the Things That Will Be Better After Brexit Line – the choice is yours.

Apologies for the occasional graphics howler, but I am not one of those Shoreditchy, ‘good with Photoshop’ types …

If you would prefer a PDF, take a look here – maybe keep it shtum if you know Sadiq Khan.

If you would prefer a massive PDF because that sort of thing floats your boat, you can download it here (ZIP archive).