According to a report in the Belfast Telegraph, Prime Minister Theresa May and leader of the Labour Party (sometimes comically referred to in the UK as ‘the opposition’) Jeremy Corbyn have publically thrown their weight behind a single in memory of the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox in the race for Christmas Number One. Are we the only people who think that this is all a bit wrong?

Let’s just make two things perfectly clear here. First of all, we’re not just saying this because we have our own entry Dartford Tolls to think about (seriously).

Also, we ARE NOT trying to belittle Jo Cox’s tragic death in any way whatsoever, and the version of You Can’t Always Get What You Want featuring MPs, KT Tunstall and David Gray is a fine tribute to her.

However, is it really the place of a head of government and the leader of the second-largest party to try and influence the musical playing field when there are so many other messed-up matters that they could be trying to throw their weight behind?

We don’t need to list them all here, but off the bat we can think of at least ten different real-world situations where Mrs May and Mr Corbyn’s public declarations of support would be welcomed. In the PM’s case particularly, the entire contents of the movie I, Daniel Blake would be a good start.

We understand that they were probably only trying to support the work of their parliamentary colleagues, but perhaps they should remember who ultimately pays their salaries. If any song is good enough, it will sell well based on its own merits – it doesn’t need the two most high-profile politicians in the country on board as well.

Our Dartford Crossing hate piece aside, surely Robb Johnson and the Corbynistas would appreciate Jeremy Corbyn’s exclusive support, what with the song being all about him and his quest to become Prime Minister.

All we are staying is that Tezza and Jezza should stick to the politics and keep their nose out of entertainment matters. You don’t see Southend News Network trying to tell them how to run the country – well not directly anyway …

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