One of our readers has sent us this video clip that he took with his iPhone after an Abellio Greater Anglia ticket inspector allegedly confiscated his ticket after boarding the Norwich – London service. According to Rob Simpson, the incident led to the police being called and the entire train being sent back to Norwich before he had to purchase another ticket and continue his journey home to Southend – his phone was confiscated and later returned.

What do you all think about this? Rob’s version of events is below, but it does make us wonder why he was allowed through the ticket barriers in the first place.

DISCLAIMER: The following has been provided directly by Rob Simpson on Facebook, and it does not represent the views of Southend News Network.

‘So today I went to Norwich for the first time to sign an apprentice up. I got lost on the way back to the station which resulted in me missing my scheduled 1:30pm train. When I arrived at 2:10pm I put my ticket in the barriers and hooray- it let me in! I got on the next train London bound.

A very lovely ticket inspector pointed out the train was booked for 1:30pm. I apologised and explained the situation about not finding my way back to the station. He then proceeded to tell me that I can’t travel on another train without the manager’s permission in Norwich rail station. My argument was that the barrier let me through so I assumed it would be OK! And asked if he could let it slide this once and avoid a penalty fare.

He then put the ticket in a zip pocket on his inspector belt. I explained that I still needed the ticket for part of that journey (Shenfield to Southend Victoria). He then smiled at me and said I should have gotten on the right train!!

So after following him around repeatedly asking why he had taken my ticket he called the local police and the transport police – hid in the sandwich kiosk – stole my iPhone from me as I was recording him and then lied and said I had assaulted him.

They stopped and evacuated the train. I was threatened and abused by multiple disgruntled passengers! After giving a statement to the police I was then walked down the platform- past all of those angry passengers and verbally abused! I took a bow to them!

So they sent that train back to Norwich and got a new train out for some reason? My iPhone was returned to me but my ticket wasn’t! The police made it clear that it wasn’t their problem and I had to spend another £26 on a ticket home! Stranded in the middle of Diss when all I wanted to do was get home for Buddy to let him out! Poor dog!

Abellio yet again showing their true colours as I’m sure it’s no coincidence that 80% of their staff are c***s!

Home safe now and laughing!’