At Southend News Network, we love keeping an eye out for the best examples of local people who use Facebook with good intentions and then monumentally cock it up for the whole world to see. From bad spelling to just overall wallyness, here are ten of the very best!

Snitching? No idea either :)

Snitching? No idea either 🙂


If you read this one right to the end, you will see that she REALLY wants this house exchange to happen!


The insurance must be a bargain on this one unless of course you want the insurer to pay out in the event of an accident!


When you read this, you get the impression that she will book him again with her head held high, not giving a flying f**k what the rest of the world thinks!


Sometimes people bring the stupid right onto our own doorstep. ‘that’s y facebook’ sounds like somewhere in Wales.


First of all, Southend’s famous shopping centre tells everyone that Circus Day is on ‘Wed 31th August,’ and then they go ahead and pay for Facebook to promote their amazing grasp of the modern calendar.


Yep – you spotted it as well. That is NOT how you spell ‘skank’ 🙂


Either the page for the Harvester restaurant in Shoeburyness has been ‘hijacked,’ or their social media guy genuinely does not give a single f**k.


Take a dollop of ill-advised Facebook ‘justice,’ and then just accuse them of sexually interfering with the poor pooch as well. They want the dog to be ‘found,’ but surely the person taking the photos has ‘found’ it unless they are using a CIA-style megazoom lens from a f**king satellite above Earth.


It has a dome, therefore it must be a mosque. Oh wait, I can’t spell ‘mosque.’ Oh bollocks …