You may have noticed that we played a little joke this morning on our Facebook page (we’re usually very serious on Southend News Network) – we posted a status update about the police looking for someone who had left their mobile phone at the scene of a robbery and there was also a link for people to click to see who is responsible.


Funnily enough, that link automatically takes people to their own Facebook profile, so cue the shock and horror!

Thankfully most people saw the funny side, and the good news is that it is incredibly easy to pull off the same sort of stunt with your own friends on Facebook. We have even done some of the work for you and created a nice and short address that you can copy and paste –

We found that using this link worked a lot better than the original link which was Leaving this visible may give the game away!

All that you need to do is write an interesting and creative paragraph about an incident where the culprit has left their mobile phone. We used a shop robbery but there must be a million different things that you could come up with!

How about a search for the Phantom Dog Tickler of Benfleet? Perhaps outrage while cops look for the Chicken Whisper of Chelmsford? If you really want to push to boat out, you could even use our example of the quest to hunt down someone who was snapped doing 134 mph on a mobility scooter.

DISCLAIMER: Southend News Network takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any of your Facebook contacts who may have had a sense of humour bypass. In the event that someone fails to see the funny side, the Chief Reporter can admit no liability for the smack in the mouth that you may receive.

Furthermore, we can also take no blame whatsoever if they decide to hand themselves in to their nearest police station. Trust us – someone will do that. Not guilty. At all.

If you try this trick and end up with some hilarious reactions from your Facebook friends, please take a screenshot and send them to – don’t worry about blanking out any names as we will do that.